2 Comments on “My Wish List for SWTOR in 2016”

  1. Cal
    Nice dreaming, but wow, you overestimate what Bioware is capable of or even interested in doing. Two New Operations: one. Chapter 15 at earliest. It will be the only op this year. I could see as many as two tactical/solo flashpoints being added as well before the end of Chapter 16, and a third with the start of the next 'season'. Two New PVP Maps: the advertised one soon, and a third Huttball after Chapter 16 probably as between-season filler. Stabilization of Existing Events: not a chance. The Introduction of A New Event: not a chance. Minigames: not a chance, unless you count the Eternal Arena. Gear Switching: not a chance. New Explorable Areas: not a chance, unless you count the room-corridor-room content added as backdrops for the story with no reason to revisit. A Fitting End: not a chance. You don't keep a fish on the line by taking the hook out of its mouth.
    • Sechari
      Yes, I am definitely an optimist. I won't lie about that :) Part of the fun of these wish lists is looking back at them at the end of the year and seeing what happened and how accurate/far off they were.

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