4 Comments on “Salt In The KotFE: Are We Just Hurting Ourselves?”

    • Sechari
      Unfortunate, but true, I think. That seems to be the general reaction the link post is receiving on Reddit. Fortunately, there is an odd individual in the mix who sees my point and offers some constructive clarification or further discussion.
  1. Buckster
    I agree. I pay a sub regardless of what's going on. I love the game and want to see it continue for years to come. I SUPPORT YOU BIOWARE.
  2. DamnedYankee
    Salty comes from those who are called whiners they are shedding tears. Tears are salty. This isn't just in SWTOR, you'll find it in used in most, if not all, MMO games and forums. It is meant as subtle insult towards those who complain even the least bit. Conversely, I believe that what your saying is close to point. However, many people posting their disdain for what is going on in SWTOR since the inception of KOTFE do so because the entire premise of the game was radically change. I'm not talking about the stories but how they changed the companions (one size fits all), removing armor and other things normally obtained through vendors or boss drops. And how they radically changed crafting to the point that is more convoluted and cumbersome making more tedious than it was before. Those leaving are doing so because this game isn't what they came to love. When they (BW) made the 75% nerf to companions it cost them thousands of subscription as players, myself included, unsubbed. I'm of the opinion the amount of people dropping their subs was rivaling the amount seen lost when 1.2 was launched and the great PVP issue and massive nerf to Sorc/Sages. Hence they made a complete turn around and put the companions where they should've been at now for a change. BW/EA only understand one thing, loss of revenue. Players leaving and not paying anymore is the only way they can make these companies understand their displeasure. Voicing on the forums for the world to see and being ridiculed by others for doing so is counter-productive and nearly useless. However, when a large number of subs are lost in a short-period of time, then and only then does BW/EA understand what is happening to their long term income. This is what gets their attention. Should enough people, rivaling that of 1.2 (1.5 million subs lost) happen now, one of the two things is going to happen. SWTOR is shutdown or BW/EA will make some changes to bring back what was accepted by players or could be accepted. I still enjoy the game and play it regularly. I resubs when they made the companion changes. I don't craft much if at all because I find it too cumbersome for my taste. So, that aspect of the game is nearly done for me. I'd wish they would change it or streamline it near what it was before. That and allow us to outfit our new companions as our old runs. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing carbon-copy clone companions running around. Anyway, I went longer than I attended. Good article.

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