2 Comments on “Non-Force Classes: The Difficulty With KotFE/KotET”

  1. Tamrine
    "What can propel my non-Force character to get the attention of Valkorion?" Well, my answer to that question is personal roleplaying. Non-Force users can fit the situation, but it requires a little imaginative work from the players, "headcanons" as people call them. My "main" when KotFE came out was an Agent called Sirine. The character-development opportunities are so good in the Agent story that she actually started as a stress-reliever stabby-stab character with a very volatile murderous streak, who ended up as an independent agent determined to do everything she can to make the galaxy better. So I got attached to her and run the expansions for the first time with her, including KotFE. So why is Vakly interested in her? Well, since she obviously can't impress him with Force powers, I invented a thematic connection between them from Ziost onward: their murderous streaks. I even invented a very vague "prequel" story in my mind where Sirine first got noticed by Imperial Intelligence in a situation where she was partially involved with getting a continent bombed, killing millions, and furthering the connection a little like this. I gave to both Valky and Sirine a mirror in each other, and where Vakly sees potential (a lot of his lines in Ep. 2 even fitted Sirine perfectly, so I had no work to do there), Sirine felt fear. The fear of regressing into the murderous monster she was before. This made running Sirine through KotFE plenty interesting. And the whole leader thing already fitted my idea of her as an agent of the shadows manipulating the galaxy in the direction she wanted with the help of the Black Codex, so it just felt like an extension of that. So yeah, this is a role-playing game after all, and I don't think players should expect the game to 100% feed them the story of their own character (even if KotFE has its problems without a doubt). Heck, even with my next "main", who was a Consular, I did a ton of headcanons to make her fit better: I imagined the alliance as a direct continuation of the Rift Alliance, and I made her older in my mind and the mother of several children and gave her a few conflicts with them related to the plot, once again making her a mirror of Valky, but on a different aspect this time (and obviously, it also informed her relationship with Senya too). Now, I don't think *all* characters are going to fit KotFE, so it's a matter of careful selection too, but really, headcanons are your friend, regardless even of your character being Force sensitive or not.
  2. Ravanel
    Totally agree there, playing KOTFE on a non force user just feels odd. I've taken three characters through, and they were all jedi or sith. I guess I'll eventually take others through as well, but for now I'm waiting until they can will be able to get their fav companions back. However, the story being ill suited to non force users is certainly a contributing factor.

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